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The Texas Gun Owner's Guide - 8th Edition

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Get all the gun laws word-for-word and in plain English too.


The Texas Gun Owner's Guide includes all the state gun laws for having, buying, selling, carrying and using firearms, then describes them in plain English; plus, details on the use of deadly force and self defense, concealed-handgun licenses, special weapons, gun safety, school and kid laws, transportation, federal laws... you get the most complete coverage available for the Texas approach to the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

The perfect guide for CHL students and all gun owners, goes way beyond the bare minimum provided by DPS.

Includes more than 150 self-test questions, 22 lethal-encounter scenarios for study and discussion, much more. Used in classes statewide and widely endorsed. Every gun owner needs a gun owner's guide. Why take chances, don't guess, and don't be sorry later.

Answers your questions about owning, carrying and using guns

It's like an entire firearms law library at your fingertips

It doesn't make sense to own a gun and not know the rules

You sure don't want to be in trouble for a rule you never heard of

Ignorance is no excuse -- it's better to know the rules

You have a right to know what the laws are

Cheaper than a lawyer, and better than many!

It's actually fun to read!

If you knew all your rights you might demand them

Completely updated with all the new confusing laws clearly explained